Jesus did more than be born to die.
At 30 years old,  the learned son of a carpenter stopped his manual work and went on the road for 3 years, teaching about the Kingdom of God and doing extra-ordinary things.
Those 3 years have changed millions of lives. Journey with me as I do a 100 talks and short movies on every aspect of his life, teaching and miracles. Whether out of interest, for study, or if seeking a life-changing experience then join the quest to know all about Jesus. 
You can link into my youtube account and browse the talks done so far by clicking >HERE<
To find out more about Jesus, you can also look at the timeline of his life as recorded in the four gospels, and open up any of the bible passages. These are also linked to my talk movies as available, and to the notes I made for each talk, and a few added extras.  To explore the time-line click >HERE<



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